Sarah Chapman Facial // London

I had a real 'treat yo self' moment this month and decided to book a facial at the Sarah Chapman Skinesis clinic in Chelsea, London. I've had a few facials in the past and whilst pleasant they've never been particularly life changing or vigorous.

The clinic is based above the store in Chelsea, the interior is beautiful and the staff are really lovely. I had to book about a month in advance and as a first time client went for the Introductory Bespoke Facial (90 minutes), this included a brief consultation about my current skincare regime and concerns with my skin. I had the usual cleanse routine, followed by a 30% lactic acid mask and then a very vigorous extraction of every spot and blackhead on my face. This was followed by a facial massage and neck massage, another mask and a blue and red LED light therapy treatment. I then had a serum and balm applied and the therapist suggested that I should have weekly LED light therapy sessions and visit again in January for a peel and an extraction top up.

Image from Sarah Chapman

Image from Sarah Chapman

I left the clinic £165 poorer (yikes!) but with the glowiest skin I have ever had in my life and a skip in my step after a very indulgent experience. I did have some slight breakouts a few days after but my skin definitely looks brighter and smoother, I found the therapist to be really knowledgeable (she even recommended that I stop eating dairy to help combat the breakouts on my cheeks) and I'm definitely looking to book another visit in the New Year.

Check out the Sarah Chapman website for more details and a full treatment list: