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I am going to start this post with a confession - I am a total skincare obsessive (borderline skincare freak). I literally cannot get enough and I am on a constant quest for perfect, smooth, glowy and radiant skin that I only assume can be bought from a bottle (or via multiple expensive bottles from Space NK). I'll save the long winded skin journey origin story for another time but I wanted to open with the truth as I am aware that the scale of this haul is definitely not the norm for the average person. In my defense, I had run out of a lot of bathroom cabinet staples and my skin was really struggling with the seasonal weather transition (my skin was both greasy and dry - how is that possible?).

Some of these items were a repurchase and some had been on my wishlist for quite some time after hearing great reviews. I actually made this purchase about 6 weeks ago so whilst it is rude of me to post this so late the unintended advantage is that I can also report back on my tried and tested thoughts on each of these, full reviews below:

1. Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Face Oil

I am a long term advocate of Sunday Riley and despite the hefty price tag of most of their products I can attest that they definitely work and really stand apart from anything else in the beauty market with a very impressive ingredients list. I had previously used the Artemis oil but at the time of using that I was on Roaccutane and my skin was a lot drier. I was after a face oil that wouldn't clog my pores or cause any additional breakouts but would also help hydrate my skin and the U.F.O. oil seemed like the perfect product (despite the rather off putting name and green tinge). This is a really lightweight oil that is best suited for people with oily or combination skin who experience/are prone to breakouts. This is definitely a drier oil than Artemis which some people might prefer (Artemis left my skin feeling quite 'sticky' and would often transfer onto my pillow at night) and whilst my skin was glowier after using Artemis the U.F.O oil has definitely helped with my spots and leaves my skin super soft without any leftover residue the next day. I actually went away for a week and I forgot to take this with me (cue cries of 'nooooo!' as I was unpacking my bag) and I didn't realise just how much this had improved my skin until I was without it and noticed a measurable difference in the texture of my skin. All in all this has become a firm skincare favourite and one that I will never leave home without again.

£68 for 35ml 

2. Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel

This is my 754634th bottle of this stuff - I love, love, love it. No matter what condition my skin is in this cleanser is like a big hug for my skin and I use it both AM and PM (in the PM as a 2nd cleanse after removing my makeup). I find that a bottle usually lasts about 4-5 months, that's twice a day and sometimes I'm cheeky and use two pumps, so I would consider this great value for money.

£29.50 for 100ml

3. Caudalie Beauty Elixir (Jason Wu edition) 

Caudalie are another regular in my beauty cupboard, I haven't used anything from their range that I haven't liked (hello, there's a reason why Victoria Beckham loves their products). In the beauty sphere they're definitely great value for money and as a French skincare brand they are definitely more widely accessible than some of their French skincare counterparts - I'm looking at you Bioderma. As a disciple to the ways of Caroline Hirons I love nothing more than a double cleanse and exfoliation followed by a spritz of hydrating toner and despite trying a number of other toner sprays the Caudalie Beauty Elixir is always my fallback. It smells great and feels super refreshing on the face, it's also great if you need an afternoon pick me up and I sometimes spray this on my beauty blender to help blend my foundation. I picked up the Jason Wu version as the packaging was super cute and I wanted a travel friendly version to chuck in my bag.

£11.50 for 30ml (Jason Wu edition was limited but they still stock the 30ml)

4. Foreo - Luna Play 

This is another repurchase but still a product/device that's quite new to me, the first time I picked this up I knew relatively nothing about the brand and I don't think there had been much of a hype around this yet. I was intrigued by Foreo as living in London and being a daily makeup and SPF wearer I'm always conscious about thoroughly cleansing my face at the end of every day. I had tried the Clarisonic back in its original hey day but unfortunately we didn't really work out and the bristles aggravated my already acne prone and sensitive skin. The Fureo cleansing devices however are much more gentle and the silicone design means it is way more hygenic than a traditional brush which is great for acne prone skins. These come in a couple of sizes but I picked up the Luna Play version as it was cheaper and I wanted to try it out before committing to the bigger version.  I use this both AM and PM and use it to massage in my cleanser and I noticed a huge reduction in my spots within a couple of days of using this, my skin definitely felt cleaner and looked more even toned. Unfortunately the Luna Play is not rechargeable and so has to be disposed when it runs out (it should last about 6 weeks) which isn't exactly environmentally friendly. If you're travelling or wanting to try this out for the first time then do opt for the Luna Play otherwise pick up the full size rechargeable version - yes it's more expensive but your skin and the environment will thank you for it.

£29 for the Luna Play (also available in a bigger size  from £85)

5. Sunday Riley Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream

As I mentioned earlier I'm a big Sunday Riley fan and have so much trust in the brand that I'll happily shell out a small fortune for one of their new products that I've yet to try (just don't tell my Mum I said that). I was really intrigued by the sound of the Tidal cream and it seemed like it would be perfect for my dehydrated skin. It has a very light and what I can only best describe as 'bouncy' texture, it feels super refreshing and cooling on the skin and is hydrating without being at all greasy. It's a great base for makeup and I also use it in the evening underneath the U.F.O. oil.

£60 for 50ml 

6. Sunday Riley Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm

Happily for me and my Sunday Riley obsession Space NK had a gift with purchase offer and I received the Blue Moon Tranquility Cleansing Balm free with my order. I had heard mixed reviews about this product and I'm not usually a fan of a manual scrub and I'm definitely faithful to my Eve Lom cleansing balm however I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked this! It's a very odd blue colour and feels almost mushy so it doesn't take long to warm up before applying. The exfoliating aspect to it is very minimal and it doesn't feel at all harsh on my skin. It also may have pushed the Eve Lom cleanser slightly to the back of my beauty cupboard...

£46 for 100ml

7. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer

And now on to makeup! This is another repurchase and it's probably my 6th tube of the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. I'm pretty fussy when it comes to my base but this ticks all of the boxes for a concealer as it's radiant without being greasy and high coverage without being cakey. The shade range is also impressive, I usually wear the shade Vanilla and upgrade to Custard when I have a tan. My only gripe with this concealer is that it runs out far too quickly for my liking, I probably go through a tube every 2 months which it at £23 a pop isn't great news for my bank balance.

£23 for 6ml

8. Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil

And another repurchase (I told you I was running low on beauty supplies), this is a great eyebrow pencil if you are after a very natural look and your eyebrows already have a decent shape to them. If you have a lot of patchiness or want a pencil that will help transform the shape then this is probably not the eyebrow pencil for you, I personally have found the nib to not be precise enough and it's actually quite blocky (you will be much better off with one from Anastasia or Soap & Glory). However I love this for when my brows are in good shape but I want to deepen the colour and add some definition, the waxy stick ensures that my brows stay put all day and the spoolie is great at brushing through any excess product and feathering them out. I bought this in the shade Dark Brunette.

£29 for 0.4g

9. Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Extra Strength

If you want skincare that will work hard for your money and show almost instantaneous results that these exfoliating pads by Dr Dennis Gross should be right up your street. These are pre-soaked pads in 5 Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids plus Retinol. After cleansing you swipe the step 1 pads over your face and wait two minutes until doing the same with step 2 and then you can apply the rest of your skincare as normal. These never fail to leave me with super glowy and plumped looking skin, it's recommended to use these every day but I use these once or twice a week in the AM and tend to save them for days when I want to look especially well. I should point out now that my skin is very tolerant of acids after working up through different acid levels over the years so definitely avoid the extra strength versions if you're new to the world of acids/exfoliation. If you're put off by the price point then Nip + Fab, Pixi or First Aid Beauty all do cheaper alternatives (although not as effective in my opinion, a great start if you're new to acids though as these are much gentler).

£70.50 for a 30 day supply

10. This Works - Dream to Sleep set 

I've had a few samples of the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray by This Works and as someone who strives to have the best nights sleep possible I was impressed at how relaxed this made me feel. This set seemed like good value for money at £30 as it also included the Deep Sleep Night Oil which I was yet to try. Both products have become a staple in my evening routine and definitely help me relax at the end of a long and stressful day plus the eye mask has come in handy when I've wanted a sneaky midday nap. Unfortunately this set was a Christmas special but there are plenty of similar sets available, I've linked another option below.

All product images via Space NK

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