Glossier Haul


After only witnessing it from afar on cool New York and LA girl Instagram accounts, Glossier has FINALLY arrived on UK soil. I may have a gone a little overboard with my first order and ordered a bit of everything but I’m excusing my ‘bad’ behaviour and chalking it down to research for this blog (I basically bought these for the benefit of you dear reader, you’re welcome). Below, an overview of everything I bought and my first impressions.

1. Wowder Duo - £30

As a long life shiny faced gal, powder has always been my best friend. I can frequently be found hiding under my desk at work trying to slyly blot down my t-zone shine before a big meeting or after the 3pm oil slick settles in. I bought the duo with the brush as previous experience of working for beauty brands has taught me this invaluable lesson, if they’ve created the brush it’s  because that’s what genuinely works best with the product (the brand will have manufactured and tested both cohesively). Plus it comes in a teeny tiny zip lock bag, how cute! This powder does not cause any cakiness at all, so don’t be afraid of going in heavy with it. It didn’t keep my shine completely at bay, but then I am a special case here, however it’s perfect for touch ups and mattifes down whilst also keeping that glow coming through.


2. Body Hero Duo - £28

Well hello there silky body. These products are a match made in heaven and give your skin that lovely healthy sheen that I thought only rich people or Victoria’s Secret models could attain. The fragrance is pretty light which might be good based on personal preference, I personally like a stronger fragrance in my body products. I also LOVED the marketing campaign for this, it was so refreshing to see real humans of varying body shapes and different skin tones. My main request would be that they take a look at the ingredients list, was a little disappointed to see so many artificial ingredients in this for the price point and brand ethos. Sort it out Emily!


3.  Generation G (Jam) - £14

This is way more pigmented than I expected, for comparison this is more pigmented than the Clinique Chubby Lip Balm or the Burts Bees lip balms. I would also say that this is less nourishing than those two products, don’t get me wrong I do genuinely love it but it far more similar to a stain than a balm which was not was I expecting. To be fair this is my bad, I’ve just re-read the product description on the site and this is described as being like a matte, blotted down lipstick.


4. Glossier You Fragrance - £45

A base note heavy fragrance that smells slightly different on everyone and with a marketing campaign strong enough to convince me to buy this without even giving it a whiff first (and at the cost of a weekly food shop, eek!). The perfect balance of floral and musky tones make this interesting enough to be a daily fragrance of choice, it’s no Le Labo but it kicks the butt of other fragrances at the same price point.


Overall I was impressed with the onsite journey and customer experience, an easy to use site with products show on all skin tones and plenty of video content to get stuck into. A not too overwhelming assortment of product and FREE DELIVERY on orders over £25 (awh yeahhh). Speedy delivery, super cute packaging (I’m already using the zip wallets as my new makeup bag) and free stickers to pimp up your products. I mean, guys, if the stickers haven’t convinced you then we probably can’t be friends.