Hanacure - The Face Mask Everyone Is Obsessed With


What Is It?

The peptide infused “All-In-One Facial” mask by Hanacure that everyone is currently obsessed with, made infamous by Drew Barrymore’s Instagram and Violet Grey’s seal of approval. Mainly renound for the creepy appearance you get when the mask dries with the benefit of apparently brightening, tightening and firming your skin. In the kit you receive two different serums which you mix together to form a gel, and a neat little spatula brush to apply the product.


What’s It Like?

It is definitely a unique product to experience, the raw application is a shiny gel which hardens and cracks over the 30 minute duration. I actually found the mask a little uncomfortable to use (as it dries, you can feel it literally pulling back the skin on your face, this is followed by a tingling experience and some pulsating whilst simultaneously making you look like Hannibal Lector in his skin mask, so sexy). It definitely sits with some of the hardcore skincare treatments, closer to a vigorous facial than a relaxing Sunday in the bath pamper session. But hey, no pain no gain, right?


Does It Work?

My answer is...skin dependant. After all of the hype I was expecting to look fully transformed but was left a little disappointed. My pores looked slightly minimised, but I have plenty of products that can do a good job of this. My jawline looked slightly more defined but the overall texture and brightness of my skin was the same (I took before and after pictures and there is no visual difference). However a lot of the user trial results on Hanacure’s site are based on 5+ uses of the mask whereas I only used this once, so that’s something to consider. In short, I think I’m the wrong person for this product, if you have wrinkles or fine lines I can imagine that this would be amazing and the reviews online seem to confirm as such. If you’re under 30 with no hyperpigmentation or wrinkles I would suggest saving your pennies on this one.

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