The Solution & The SPF - A Glossier Tale

I’m sure it will quickly become obvious that I’m a hardcore Glossier fan, so if you’re not on the Glossier boat I’d suggest looking away now, for fear of beauty sickness kicking in.

What is it?

A new skincare launch from Glossier in the form of an exfoliating acid called ‘The Solution’ in addition to their recommended SPF ‘Invisible Shield’, a daily use SPF 30. At the time of writing this, The Solution is sold out on the Glossier website 😱


Who is it good for?

The Solution - good for oily/clogged/blemish prone skin. Containing AHA, BHA and PHA. The super spot fighting and skin brightening ingredients come in the form of the 0.5% Salicylic Acid and Lactic Acid. I’d say this is still a pretty gentle acid, if you’ve ever used Pixi’s Glow Tonic this is a slightly more oomphy version for blemish prone skin, gentle enough to be used once a day.

Invisible Shield - suitable for most skin types, it’s a clear gel substance that sinks into skin almost immediately with no noticeable smell, tackiness or white cast (so also good for different skin tones, a big plus). 


Is it worth the hype?

The Solution - yes and no, if you are an acne sufferer it will not be your total skin saviour but it will do enough to start to calm down any breakouts and for £20 (for 130ml) it’s a more affordable option for many (although I would always suggest seeing a GP or Dermatologist for any severe acne breakouts). If you have occasional breakouts you may fare better, using twice a week to help keep those pesky spots at bay. Either way, I saw better results with this than I ever did with other acid solutions...Pixi Glow Tonic I’m looking at you 👀

Invisible Shield - it’s a game changer in terms of a skin tone universal SPF, the clear gel like formula has this SPF standing head and shoulders above the rest in the market. However some work is definitely needed to improve the sun safety aspect, this is fine for colder months (when YES you still do need sun protection) but I would not use this if I knew I would be sitting out in direct sunlight for a few hours on a summer’s day. Kiehls SPF 50 would definitely be my choice du jour in that dreamy situation.