London Events - April Edition


My friends always tell me that I have a knack for finding free/interesting events, and hey, it’s not just about the free glass of prosecco and snacks. The best thing about living in London is the opportunity to connect with so many interesting people and to have the opportunity to learn something new (if we’re not learning, we’re not growing). Also these kinds of events are perfect if you’re new to the city or living on a budget. I’m kind of biased in my choice of events - they’re mainly focused on women in technology, talks with women leaders, business or beauty events (all based in London) - but if there’s anything else you’d like me to add hit me up here. I love a bit of constructive feedback.

9th April


Karlie Kloss in Conversation with WeWork and Flatiron School (Free)

Supermodel and business woman Karlie Kloss will be speaking with Avi Flombaum, Co-Founder of Flatiron School, to discuss the future of tech skills and how to encourage more diversity in tech.

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11th April


Get To KNOW... MONEY (Paid)

Get To KNOW are returning to The Hoxton, Shoreditch and bringing with them a panel of incredible women; each running their own successful brand & business and ready to share their knowledge, on money. How do we make more if it? How much should we charge for our services? When should we charge? How do we deal with late paying clients? How best to invest back in ourselves and our businesses?

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WTF! is Contracting (Free)

Thinking specifically about the underrepresentation of women in technical careers, there’s an obvious imbalance when looking at the number of female freelance consultants or contractors. The evening will discuss personal experiences of contracting, looking how to make it work for you, and Sophie Lewis and Jaime Thorpe from Dolan Accountancy will join to discuss the practicalities and tax implications of setting up your own business and going freelance (the big, important stuff).

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12th April


Inspiring Women In Business - Story Sharing (Free)

Three inspirational women will be sharing their stories of their business journey so far and obstacles they have had to overcome along the way (feat. Laverne Walker - Sackville Travel service & Treasurer of Brixton BID / Rosie Franca - Entrepreneurship Manager / Natwest RBS / Bryony Farmer - Founder of Precious Stars )

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Discover Estée Lauder’s Poppy Sauvage Collection by Violette (Paid - redeemable on purchases)

Be among the first to experience Poppy Sauvage, a new make-up collection by Estée Lauder Global Beauty Director Violette. Join Violette and Vogue beauty and lifestyle director Jessica Diner as they discuss the inspiration behind the new collection, application techniques and how Violette uses makeup as a powerful tool to express femininity and identity.

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13th April


Friday Yoga (Free)

Take a break from your screen and any Friday 13th bad vibes with this free yoga class. This relaxing 45 minute session will focus on: opening the shoulders and hips, realignment, and strengthening your core. A perfect release for all those hunched shoulders over desks.

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16th April


Digital Skills Workshop London: User Experience Design & Psychology (Free)

A free workshop to learn what a day in the life of a UX designer is like, hosted by RED Academy (a leading digital media, design and technology school).

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17th April


An Evening With Ethical Startups (Free)

An evening with a variety of ethical startups making a difference in their industries. Learn from the little guys about what it takes to make a social good idea into a full blooming business - without compromise. If you're looking for inspiration or to see what the future of social good enterprise looks like, this is the place to be.

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18th April


Video marketing: the future of content marketing (Free)

Leo Kielland from Google and Novicell’s Online Marketing Konsulent Svend Georg Jørgensen will discuss the future of video marketing and video content strategy.

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Unthink Tank: Emma Gannon Redefines the Career Path (Free)

Unthink Tank explores the concept of 'unthinking', inviting leaders and innovators from the tech and disruptor communities to discuss the issues that impassion and empower them. This session includes renowned author, podcaster and broadcaster, Emma Gannon, discussing how to redefine the career path in the twenty-first century.

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20th April


LDN: Femme fait-all - 100 years (Paid - donation)

Hosted at Google Campus,  a panel of femme fait-all will discuss what it means to be a woman in this day and age (success stories, and biggest f*ck ups, creating for and communicating with women, in business and just life in general).

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25th April


Susanne Kaufman PA (Paid - redeemable)

Susanne Kaufmann (the OG of organic skincare) will be hosting an event with Liberty London department store - she shares her philosophy on her brand during a Q&A, followed by an introduction to new products set to hit the UK.

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#WhoMadeMyClothes (Paid)

Fashion Revolution’s #WhoMadeMyClothes? campaign holds brands to account -The Hoxton, Holborn, brings in a panel of experts to arm us with the knowledge to champion ethical style.

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30th April


A Mindful Approach to Building a Successful Career (Free)

Abadesi Osunsade will discuss and adopt tools and mindsets for building fulfilling careers. Abadesi Osunsade is the founder of Hustle Crew, a career advancement community for the underrepresented in tech. Having worked at everything from mature tech companies like Amazon to rising stars like Groupon pre-IPO she's had her fair share of experiences across tech.

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General Assembly: Get Started in Digital Marketing (Free)

General Assembly are on a mission to upskill creatives so that they can make impactful and meaningful waves in their field. They’re heading over to The Hoxton, Holborn to do just that with a Digital Marketing 101 for anyone looking to switch up their careers, enhance their skillset.

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P.S. If life gets in the way, and you can't make it to any of the above, why not check out my recommended kickass podcasts - for a dose of inspiration without having to leave your couch.